A botijo (kind of a Spanish pitcher) is a traditional Spanish accessory that serves to refresh water in the most ecological and natural way. It’s made out of clay which, together with salt, provides just the right porosity for it to breathe and thus cool the water to an optimal temperature.

The etymological origin of its name is Roman, specifically from the late Latin buttis (wineskin). From this same term it also comes “boot” (the one for drinking), “botija” and, finally, “bottle”.


Our Mediterranean style


A Mediterranean symbol par excellence, a botijo is a 100% Spanish icon thanks to the wonderful pottery tradition that we preserve in the country.

It is produced handmade following an artisan process, so it is possible to find variations in colour, marks or irregularities typical of its preparation, which turns every piece into a unique work of art. This ceramic item, once painted, loses its porous capacity and is therefore used only as an ornamental object, allowing us to enjoy a piece of the Mediterranean at home. For sure one of the characteristics of our culture is that we are capable of making the simplest things exceptionally beautiful, knowing how to enjoy the luxury of craftsmanship.

These botijos are made of Levantine white clay and subsequently hand-painted. The inspiration for its process comes from our love for nature, the sun and the sea. Each piece is culminated, after being decorated, with a sun bath from our land to completely absorb our way of understanding life. Are you ready for a bit of the Spanish sun to warm up your home?