Look at me



Born in Madrid in a family from the Basque Country, I was lucky to move to Andalusia in 2021, where Art from Spain started. I am thankful to have been able to live at different places in Spain and I can’t get enough of this lifestyle that is printed on its nature, buildings, landscapes and so in my ceramics.

I love white colour. And I love those colours which are basic, light and primary too. They are present in our small white villages all over the country and also in our fields surrounding them, thanks to the light that we enjoy and that changes everything, from colours to mood. They come from the sun, both in its yellowest version and in the reds of sunrises and sunsets, from the shadows it creates and those intense changes of light and colour, from the blue of the sea, merged with the sky in the distance… from the green in the countryside, not always present throughout the year which is something that makes us rediscover and value it every season…


They may seem to be very simple colours but, in reality, they contain many stories about our roots, they synthesise our history, our customs and, ultimately, our way of life.

My mission is to print all those colours, those feelings, all that simplicity, nature, lifestyle, customs, landscapes… in a small ceramic artwork that showcases one of the most everyday and simplest objects of Spanish costumbrismo: a local pitcher or as we like to call it, botijo.

I like to think that you could add some of this spirit to any corner just by placing one of these small art pieces there.

Would you like to see some of this Spanish slow life?